About Us

Aims and Objectives of the SUTD PostDoc Society:

  • Foster a sense of community among PostDocs through networking activities
  • Create a platform for exchange of ideas and collaboration within SUTD and beyond
  • Create a unified voice for interaction with management and administration
  • Organize career development workshops and events

Definition and Role of a PostDoc:

Postdoctoral researchers are professionals who conduct research after the completion of their doctoral studies.
PostDocs are highly-qualified academic staff members, who are scientific experts in their fields with demonstrated research experience and expertise. Although postdocs are in short-term positions, they are a vital part of the research body and essential contributors to SUTD’s core mission and international reputation.
They lead research activities on specific topics or projects and contribute a major portion of publications and grants. They work independently from their supervisors, guide and oversee the activities of PhD students and research assistants, and often take on project management, administrative and teaching duties.
The ultimate goal of many postdoctoral fellows is to pursue additional research, training, and teaching in order to broaden their skillset and prepare for an academic faculty position.