Design Innovation Workshops (Feb 2017)

Designing the SUTD Research Experience

If you have the desire and aspiration to boost SUTD in providing a world-class research environment, now is the time for you to, be heard, get involved and initiate that change! As the research micro-cosmos of SUTD, faculty members, postdoctoral researchers, and research administration staff will embark together on a Design Innovation journey to shape a world-class research experience in SUTD, through a series of three mini-workshops on “Designing the SUTD Research Experience”.

The workshops are jointly organized by SUTD’s Office of Research with the PostDoc Society and will be conducted by Codomo, a SUTD start-up co-founded by the 5 pioneer graduates. They aim at developing your skills in Design Thinking methodologies, giving you a hands-on experience in Design Innovation, facilitating interdisciplinary and inter-functional interactions, and ultimately crafting the SUTD research experience.

The three sessions are scheduled for:

Tue,  February 7,    12:30-16:00,   Think Tank 18 (2.203):           Session 1:  Design Innovation Discovery

Tue,  February 21,  12:30-16:00,   Think Tank 18 (2.203):           Session 2:  Defining the Solution

Thu,  March 2,         12:30-16:00,   Think Tank 18 (2.203):          Session 3:  Developing the Prototype