Q: What is the Research Fest?

R: Research Fest is an internal conference for SUTD Researchers, where you get to present your work to your peers, compete for cool prizes and interact with local community.


Q: What do we have to prepare for the conference?

R: Every attendee will be giving a flash talk (1-2 minutes) and putting up a poster.


Q: Does it have to be both a poster and a presentation?

R: You need to do both to qualify for the top prize.


Q: How will be the expositions evaluated for the competition?

R: We will be making the criteria for the evaluation open and accessible in a few days in this same webpage. Based on these criteria, a panel composed by members of the postdoc society and by faculty will evaluate every poster and flash talk, and both marks will be equally weighted for the overall competition.


Q: Can we interact with Entrepreneur First? If we have a comercializable idea, can we use the Research Fest to network with them?

R: Definitely. Entrepreneur first will be giving an “Effective Pitching” workshop a few days prior to thew conference, where anyone can have a first contact with them. Additionally they will have people attending the conference and checking your presentations. Besides, there will be dedicated time for networking during the conference.


Q: What are my deadlines for the conference?

R: Abstract submission is already opened and we will be collecting abstracts until the 2nd of January in our e-mail address (postdoc_society@sutd.edu.sg).

The slides for the flash talk and the soft copy of the poster have to be sent  by January 10th, a week before the beginning of the conference.


Q: Is the submission deadline both for posters and slides?

R: Yes, we’ll collect the slides to create a big single slideshow that keeps rolling, and the posters to have them printed for you.